Planning for Teacher Education Research Post-COVID

Planning for Teacher Education Research Post-COVID
Planning for Teacher Education Research Post- COVID: Priorities and Methods Join the TED Research Committee, for an interactive discussion of teacher education research post-COVID

Planning for Teacher Education Research Post-COVID: Priorities and Methods

Learning to Teach: Re-Envisioning Practice
Based Approaches in Virtual Settings

Dr. Amber Benedict, Dr. Wendy Rodgers, 
Germaine Koziarski, Karye Wells, 
Dr. Robby Robinson, Amy Colpo
Delivery of Special Education Services
During COVID-19 Remote Instruction: 
Innovations & Challenges

Dr. Tammy Ellis-Robinson, Dr. Kim Colvin, 
Taja Young
COVID-19 and Special Education Teachers' 
Decision to Stay or Leave the Profession

Dr. LaRon Scott, Christine Powell, 
Dr. Katherine Brendli, Amber Ruiz, Rachel Walker, 
Imani Evans, Dr. Meagan Dayton
 BREATHE: A Burnout Intervention for 
Special Education Teachers

Dr. Chris Cormier, Dr. Lisa Ruble, 
and Dr. John McGrew
 Teacher Perceptions of IEP Implementation 
During COVID 19

Dr. Brittany Hott, Dr. Terri Cullen, 
Dr. Corey Peltier, Sarah Heiniger, & Dr. David Brunow

Serving Students with EBD during COVID-19
Dr. Shanna Hirsch, Dr. Hannah Morris Mathews, 
Dr. Sara McDaniel, Dr. Allison Bruhn
 Supporting Learning Students with 
IDD During COVID-19: A Survey of 

Caregiver Experiences
Dr. Esther Lindström,Dr. Jenny Root, 
Diedre Gilley, & Rui Chen


As we approach one year since COVID-19 school shut-downs, panelists and participants will discuss what they have been learning about teaching and teacher education 
over the past year, and priorities for future research.

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3/17/2021 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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